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The full English version of our site will be available soon.

An ALAP member, Mme Joan Doiron, becomes the first Clean Air Revival "Woman of the Year" in the USA


For some basic information, please download our pamphlet (PDF 6.0 format).

Link to Burning Issues (American site)

Links about dioxins :

· Polychlorinated Dioxins and Furans: Sources, Emissions and Level By Dr Bruce D. Rodan (PowerPoint presentation)

· The Atmospheric transport and deposition of Dioxin to the Great Lakes for 1996 by Mark Cohen; Revised Estimates, March 2001

· FDA Strategy for Monitoring, Method; Development, and Reducing Human Exposure

· Dioxin emissions of materials from Chlorophiles

Contact us:

Association pour un air pur
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Joliette, Québec, Canada
J6E 3Z5

Phone: (450) 759-9375
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